Primus Construction, LLC is a full service general contracting company that provides construction expertise in multiple areas including residential new construction and renovations.   Since its inception, Primus Construction has prided itself in providing quality construction projects.  The company has a vast amount of experience in all aspects of building single family homes from start to finish. 

Since 2006, Erick Graham, the Owner of Primus Construction, has built single-family homes throughout the city of Atlanta.  Following the severe economic downturn of 2008, the Ownership shifted its focus to helping its clients identify, acquire, and renovate the large number of foreclosed homes in Atlanta. 

Since 2012 Primus Construction has rehabbed over 200 homes throughout Metropolitan Atlanta.  The Company’s customer base is comprised of banks, Community Organizations, apartment complexes, and individuals.  In 2012, Primus and its Owners expanded their services to Birmingham, Alabama, helping to restore homes following devastating tornadoes that hit the Jefferson County area. 


Executive Board


•Erick Graham, President/CFO

• Rashanda Murray, Office Manager

• David Floyd, Accountant

• Birdia Greer, Attorney



• Better Business Bureau

• Atlanta Apartment Association

• Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors

• Certified Professional Home Builders


• City of Atlanta - AABE

• Dekalb - LSBE, MBE

• Georgia Department of Transportation - LBE



• State of Georgia Licensing Board for Qualifying Agent for Residential General Contractor 

• State of Georgia Real Estate Commission Broker